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Department of Master of Computer Applications (MCA)
The department of Master of Computer Applications has been pioneering students to be true Application developers excelling beyond customary productivity.
The department offers MCA program with an intake of 60.
The mature students and the excellent input from the faculty is a dynamic combination. The students have patience and persevere to the efforts of the faculty. The faculty in turn spends enormous time to meticulously grain the skills of the students. The students have been performing far beyond a normal post-graduate because of the input of the department.
The department provides expert guidance through advanced technologies while focusing in producing disciplined, and quality Post Graduates in the field of Computer Technology. The department is well equipped with experienced HOD, qualified Professors, Assistant professors and Lab Faculty. The department is also proud of well equipped laboratories and state-of-art infrastructure.
The academic projects are reviewed with close scrutiny to make the student capable of facing the real-world. Students have appreciation for the excellent support given by the faculty members.
The mission is to impart a lasting understanding and realization of the concepts to make the student a true professional/intellectual in the real world.

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